Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Diary Cover

This is a diary cover I did before


I just love using all the mediums

available these days.

Creative Cover Workshop

This is a creative cover I did in a workshop last month with a lovely talented painter by the name of Wendy Ness. Had a great day and really enjoyed doing this.

Monday, 9 April 2007

My Studio

I thought while I had the camera out I wld show a photo of the entrance to my studio.
Called believe it or not
"From the River's Edge"
As u can see there is no lawn out the front anymore, big sigh, hopefully when it rains lawn will be seen again. At the moment trying desperately to keep my plants alive with what little rainwater we can spare. The water from the river now is far too salty. If someone cld pls do a raindance it wld be a great help. lol.

Recovering today from a lovely Easter weekend. Weather was lovely, unfortunately no rain.
Thought I wld show a photo of the Gazebo my DH built for me. Also my fishpond I built.
Why did I build it and not himself, welllll
Our ground is nearly all rock so when I suggested I wld love a fishpond out the back I was told "U want a fishpond then u build it".
Of course this was meant to deter me, WRONG.
LOL. I must admit it did take slow digging etc for 3 months but I did it lol. It is lovely to sit out there and watch the fish, have breakfast and listen to the birds. Still have a little more work to do but at least it is on its way. At the moment it is very hard to plant a lot because of the drought. The lawn I wanted will have to wait until next year, again hoping we will have rain by then.